Which flights are cancelled from Gatwick Airport today and could more be cut in the coming days and weeks?

The airport has experienced many problems lately

Travel chaos continued at Gatwick airport on (Monday, 11 July), as passengers complained of lengthy queues, missing transport and even being locked in a stairwell.

One passenger took to Twitter to say: ‘@GatwickAirport I would like to know if it’s ok to lock 40 people in a stairwell?’

This comes as daily flights at the UK’s second busiest airport have capped their number of daily flights 825 in July and 850 in August - a dramatic drop from 900 a day during the same period in previous years.

Fresh drama emerged at Gatiwck on 23 August as Gatwick cancelled around 26 Easyjet flights at short notice due to staff sickness.

The cancellations come as Gatwick reported its half-year reuslts, stating it was “now very much operating business as usual”.

Is Gatwick Airport busy?

Generally, Gatwick is a busy airport. It is the second largest London airport and is also the second busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, second in both of those categories to Heathrow.

Pre-Coronavirus, in 2019, the airport saw almost 47 million passengers pass through that year, compared to just six million passengers last year, in 2021.

Are there any cancelled flights to and from Gatwick Airport today? (Monday, 5 September)


  • 3:10pm - Amsterdam, British Airways


There are currently no cancelled flights that are departing from Gatwick Airport today. Some flights are delayed and some say to check with the airline regarding the status of the flight. To view delayed flights and more, visit the Gatwick online departure board.

Is there further chaos set to ensue at Gatwick Airport?

During the pandemic, as all air travel came to a halt, airports and airlines alike had to axe staff, and now the staff shortages are contributing to the chaos we have seen recently.

After travel restrictions were heavily reduced, airports have seen a high number of passengers make their way to the airport as people look to get aboard for the first time in years for some.

Despite the recent problems the airline has endured, there are measures in place to try and stop the issues that have plagued the airport.

These include the aforementioned dropping of flights, which reportedly is going to impact around 800,000 passengers.

A Heathrow boss recently revealed that the problems happening to airports now could last for 12 - 18 months as we come out of the pandemic.

The UK travel industry is expecting a massive bounce back this summer, with travel restrictions eased and the public’s overall attitude to Covid-19 changing.

Johan Lundgren, the chief executive of easyJet said: “We see a strong summer ahead, with pent-up demand that will see easyJet returning to near 2019 levels of capacity, with UK beach and leisure routes performing particularly well”.

Will more flights be cut in the coming weeks?

It’s likely that the trend of numerous flights cancelled during a busy period for the industry will continue in the following weeks as airports continue to battle staff shortages.

The decision to cap the number of flights per day in the peak season in the travel industry may prove to be a masterstroke moving forward into the summer.