Meet Silvi: the vegan baker looking to become Aldi’s Next Big Thing in this week’s episode of new C4 show

Following last week’s appearance from Londoners YUMBUG and Chinese Cooking Sauces, another London resident looks to become Aldi’s Next Big Thing this week.

As Channel 4’s new television series Aldi’s Next Big Thing continues this week, another London foodie entrepreneur looks to compete for space on the shelves of the UK’s fourth biggest supermarket chain. With the theme for this week’s episode based around baking, one Wimbledon resident is hoping to wow the judges with her meringues.

Silvi Cives of London Apron is an Argentinian living in South West London who will appear on this evening’s episode (October 27) in a bid to wow the judging panel, including Aldi’s Managing Director of Buying Julie Ashfield, with her Vegan Meringues. The plant-based meringues are made with 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free ingredients and boiled chick-pea water sourced from a local hummus factory - known in vegan cooking as “aquafaba.”

Since starting the business in her own kitchen, Silvi has grown into a small production site in South London where she makes mini vegan meringues that can be enjoyed on their own or added to desserts and has already had some retail success with listings in Planet Organic and Holland & Barrett.

But for Silvi, the aim now is to develop a bigger distribution channel, leading the businesswoman eyeing a gap on Aldi’s shelves, saying: “Aldi could be the first supermarket in the world to stock vegan meringues.”

Aldi’s Next Big Thing airs on Thursdays from 8pm on Channel 4 until November 27 2022. The show will be broadcast weekly during this time slot and episodes can be caught up through All 4.

What is Aldi’s Next Big Thing?

Aldi’s Next Big Thing focuses on 36 small scale businesses all hoping for space in Britain’s fourth largest supermarket chain as they hope that their small time enterprises will hit the big time. The show is part of Aldi’s continued support of British suppliers and will not only offer viewers a chance to see the competitive elements that will comprise the bulk of the episodes, but a rare behind the scene look at Aldi.