London residents among UK’s best Christmas dinner cooks, study finds ahead of fateful festive feast

London residents have been named among the UK’s best Christmas dinner cooks, according to a new study looking into Google search history.

Londoners - stand up and take a bow, as new research from delivery company Getir has shown that the capital is one of the best UK cities at cooking Christmas Dinner. For friends in Bristol though, we have some bad news (and perhaps other dinner plans.)

A study looked at the most populated cities in the UK and the average amount of Google search volumes there were for relevant Christmas dinner-themed “how to cook” and “recipes” search terms. It took into consideration the number of total search volumes in comparison to the overall population of each city to determine which cities struggled the most to cook a Christmas dinner last year.

London was among the top three cities in the UK, along with Cardiff and Birimingham, that had the least volume of Christmas dinner related searches during the study. But residents still had to search for a couple of things, however given that the most searched terms were how to cook a turkey and how to cook brussel sprouts were not just popular in London but most of the UK, no one should hold those questions against you.

At the top of the list came Bristol, with 110,810 search terms related to cooking a Christmas dinner or the trimmings that accompany the traditional meal. That averaged out to 235 searches per 1000 people in the city, with the most common search queries for how to cook a turkey and gammon.

Following Bristol came Glasgow, with 103,400 searches and then Edinburgh with 79,560 searches. Both Scottish cities struggled with how to cook turkey and brussel sprouts, Getir’s research concluded.

The full list of the UK’s worst cities at cooking Christmas Dinner

  1. Bristol
  2. Glasgow
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Nottingham
  5. Sheffield
  6. Liverpool
  7. Leicester
  8. Coventry
  9. Manchester
  10. Leeds
  11. Sunderland
  12. Stoke-On-Trent
  13. Birmingham
  14. London
  15. Cardiff