Joe Wicks: ‘My top tip for staying fit in 2023’

You can join Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, for training in sessions this weekend in Shoreditch.

For one weekend, Joe Wicks and fitness coach colleagues are holding training sessions in Shoreditch.

The Body Coach app, founded by the training sensation, has opened The Body Coach Studios, which runs until Sunday (January 22) at Protein Studios, New Inn Yard.

Joe Wicks told LondonWorld his top tip for staying fit in 2023 is to “focus on the small, daily win”.

“So don’t think about the big end goal, which can sometimes feel overwhelming, just think about today,” he said.

“What can we do today to feel a little heathier, a little more energised, less stressed? That could be going to bed one hour earlier, going for a 20-minute walk in your lunch break or doing a workout in your living room.

“Everything adds up - all these little things mean something. It’s going to help you release stress, feel more energised, feel happier.”

At The Body Coach Studios, Joe and other top instructors from the app, are leading a series of workout classes with the aim of making fitness fun and encouraging people to “get moving in whatever way works best for them”.

In addition to his famous HIIT workouts, attendees will be able to try out classes including strength training, sculpt workouts and yoga, as well as family sessions and classes in British Sign Language.

After the workouts, attendees across all classes will get the chance to meet Joe, and to discuss and ask questions about their fitness journey.

Joe said: ”January is a time when loads of people choose to start their fitness journey, which is great – but it’s not always the easiest to keep going, and I hear from so many people that they really struggle to stay motivated to keep moving.

“That’s why this year we wanted to give people a little extra help, by opening a space people can come along to class, enjoy the buzz of working out with other people, and come have a chat with me about their nutrition and fitness goals. Together, we’ve got this.”

Each class will cost £12, with all proceeds used to support youth community sports clubs.

To see the timetable and to book a class, go to