London secondary school admissions 2023: when do we find out high school places - and how to appeal offer

Parents and children are eagerly anticipating school offers for year seven placements in September 2023

Parents waiting to find out if their child has got into their top secondary school choice will have news on Wednesday (March 1).

Here’s everything you know about the application process, when you’ll find out the results, and how to appeal if your child’s offer is not suitable.

What is the process for secondary school applications?

In London the deadline for secondary school applications is in October, with the deadline for this year’s placements having closed on 31 October 2022.

Parents can apply for school placements for their children in any London borough, with a maximum of six schools on each application.

You can select schools in order of preference, with your favourite school listed first.

It is recommended that parents select schools closest to them first, so that the commute isn’t too long or complicated.

How do schools decide who gets in?

Priority is given to any child that is applying to a school their sibling currently attends, and priority is also given based on proximity to the school.

Applications received on time will be considered first, so if you miss the deadline, you may miss out on your preferred school place.

When do we find out secondary school places in London?

The results of your application will be sent to you on Wednesday, March 1 2023.

If you applied online, you’ll receive an email or text alert in the evening informing you of the outcome or where to find it online.

If you applied by post, your letter will be sent to you on March 1.

How do I accept an offer?

You have two weeks to accept an offer.

If you applied online, log in to your eAdmissions account and complete the online acceptance form.

If you receive a letter it will detail schools that can offer your child a place and how to accept the offer.

How do I appeal my child’s offer if the school is not suitable?

You can only appeal once against each rejection you receive.

You need to contact the school you want to make an appeal against as soon as possible.

It will provide you with information about their appeal process.

The government website states that you will be allowed at least 20 school days to appeal the decision made.